Dr hab. Janusz Stępiński

Division of Biophysics
Institute of Experimental Physics
University of Warsaw
Pasteura 5, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland

Phone: +48 22 5532302

E-mail: jastep@biogeo.uw.edu.pl

Research interests

Synthesis and biochemical, biophysical and physicochemical properties of mono-, di- and oligonucleotide 5'-mRNA cap analogues.

Professional experience

  1. sugar synthesis and analysis including their 1H & 13C NMR spectroscopy
  2. peptide synthesis
  3. aminodeoxyalditol synthesis
  4. 5'-mRNA cap structure synthesis
1972 - 1978 Senior Assistant, Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University, Poland
1978 - 1981, 1983 - 1999 Adjunct, Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University, Poland
1981 - 1983 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Institute for Biomedical Research, University of Texas at Austin, TX
1999 - Assistant Professor, Department of Biophysics, Warsaw University, Poland

Selected publications (1988-2013)


    1. Smietanski M., Werner M., Purta E., Kaminska K.H., Stepinski J., Darzynkiewicz E., Nowotny M., Bujnicki J.M.: Structural analysis of human 2’-O-ribose methyltransferases involved in mRNA cap structure formation; Nat. Commun. 5 (2014), Article No: 3004 doi: 10.1038/ncomms4004.
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    3. Stepinski J., Darzynkiewicz E.: "mRNA and snRNA Cap Analogs: Synthesis and Applications” in: Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids. Fundamentals and Clinical Applications (V.A. Erdmann, W.T .Markiewicz and J. Barciszewski Eds) Springer Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London, 2014, pages: 511-561. (rozdział w książce)
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Participation in research projects

Role of 5' mRNA and 5' U snRNA cap structures in regulation of gene expression

Structure and function of cap-4 in early eukaryotes - trypanosomatides; its chemical analogues as potential drug targets against Leishmania